Monday, April 21, 2008

Working out

Doc had me doing physical therapy for like 4 weeks. I did really good with doing my exercise everyday when I had to see the therapist but now I cant seem to get my butt to do them.
I'm gonna start today as a new day and a new determination to make myself do them.
With that said Hubby needed to either have me take him to work and pick him up or me walk and get the kiddos from school. Guess what I chose........Ding ding.... yep u are correct I chose to walk and get the kids. Now I sitting here thinking what was I thinking.... lol I'm sure it will be fine. Its a beautiful day out and i need the exercise.


mm2kchmw said...

how's the exercising going?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph.... checking in on you. Your blog is feeling oh so lonely without you, LOL!!