Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House on Bernice

We made an offer almost two months ago on a house that was a short sale. It's a perfect house for my family.I have been walking past the house with Mikensey in the morning and praying over it. I know the bible say's ask and and ye shall recieve. I dont have a problem with that I just have a hard time believeing I'm deserving of it. But today I deciede I am claming it in Jesus name. I am gonna keep walking past the house every day after dropping the kiddos off to school till we close on the house. I also was feeling as we were walking and I was praying that we need to stop going with our realtor lookin at new properties, If that's the house we want we need to have FAITH that he will make it happen. Not that I'm very good at that :) So for right now we wait for the Seller's bank to let us know if they will accept our offer.


L Harris said...

cool, Steph. Praying with you.

Julie said...

What a lovely house! Looks like you and your family would have all sorts of room plus a pool :)